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Cheat Sheet For Sims 2, The!

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To enter cheats in The Sims 2, first open the command console by simultaneously
pressing ctrl-shift-c.
Note that cheats are case-sensitive.
Some of the cheats that can be used here are as follows:

help - lists all the cheats in the game.
help [cheatname] - displays specific information about the cheat.
exit - closes the cheat window.
expand - expands or contracts the cheat window.

moveObjects on/off - removes footprint limitation for all object placement
in Buy Mode and Build Mode. Removes limitations placed on hand tool for when
objects are in use, or are normally non-movable objects. Is known to cause
issues with game elements, routing, hidden object generation and manipulation, etc.
Note that using this cheat allows you to delete objects that normally cannot be
deleted, such as Sims, the mailbox, and the garbage can. If you delete these
objects, there is no way to get them back, so be careful!

aging >on/off - prevents Sims from aging. This can disrupt the carefully tuned
gameplay balance, and will prevent little Johnny from ever growing up, so treat
this cheat with care as well.

autoPatch -on/off - This cheat lets you re-enable notifications when there is a
game update available for The Sims 2. Just turn Autopatch on and go to the Custom
Content Browser (the little snowflake button on the UCP in the neighborhood).
If therees an update available youell be asked whether you want to download it.

slowMotion [value] - The slowMotion cheat takes one parameter: the "slowness"
setting (such as slowMotion 4). This value ranges from 0 to 8 where 0 is normal
speed and 8 is the slowest speed.

boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false - enables the use of postprocessing
cheats (see below); very useful for movie making (also see below). Please note
that you must have a video card that can handle pixel shaders in order to successfully
use this cheat. If you use the cheats and you donet have pixel shaders, the screen
will most likely go partially dark, and will not come back until you turn off
If you turn on postprocessing, and you turn on cinematics, and a cinematic plays,
you may also experience unwanted graphical glitches.

bloom [r g b x] (rgb is color) (x is the bloom amount) [0.0 - 1.0] - This cheat adds
a blur effect, like a sitcom flashback moment. Must have entered boolProp
enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

vignette [centerX centerY X] (X is the vignetteing factor) [0.0 - 1.0] - Adds a
blur effect from the specified center. Using "vignette 0.5 0.5 0.5" should put some
blurry bits at the edge of the screen. Vignette 0.5 0.5 1.0 is maximum edge blurryness.
Must have entered boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

filmGrain [val] [0.0-1.0] - This cheat makes the screen grainy. Must have entered
boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

letterBox [val] [0.0-0.4] - Adds a letterbox effect to the view. Must have entered
boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

Push CTRL+SHIFT+C To Bring Down The console Then Type One Of The Following:
Code Result
Kaching - 1000 money
expand - expand the cheat window
moveObjects On/Off - turns it on or off
slowmtion # - make you set the game speed (#= 0-8, 0 is normal)

to add 1,000 simoleons hold ALT+CTRL at the same time. then a box will
appear and type in kaching . you will find this very useful when trying
to do well in a job or make your sims happy. even buying a big house for
a family. you cannont use this cheat on the neighbourhood screen so if
you want a certain family to buy a big house first move into a small
house for the amount of money you have (or less) then add the money then
move out and then move into the house you wanted to move into.

This is an update to previous cheat I submited....

Ok. for some quick cash Hold Ctrl+Shift and press C then a small box at the
top of the screen will come up type in kaching and press enter and you have
1,000 simolenos... but for faster cash I found this little trick out just
do the samething hold Ctrl+Shift and press C then the box will appear..
ok now listen cafeful there is a key that has ~` it is left of the 1 and
top of the tab key what you do is hit that and the box will come down
filling about 1/4 the screen... ok now type in kaching and before you
hit enter highlight it with your mouse cursor and copy it useing the
keyboard method holdt Ctrl and hit C for copy then hit enter and you
will get 1,000 simoleons then instead of typeing it back out hold Ctrl
and press V to paste and hit enter and you have anohter 1,000 kaching
without typeing it and the box does not dissapear.. so get a little rythem
going and you will have quick cash fast.. P.S. to clear the box out of the
wa when you have enuf cash you can get your hands on hit the same key you
did to make the box big and press enter with only the kaching in selected
or it will not disapear..

to get more money on the sims 2 press ctrl and shift down at the same
time and c , a box should come on the screen at the top type in the box
KACHING abd press enter do that for a while and enjoy thee money your
sims can spend.

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