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Cheat Sheet For Leisure Suit Larry!

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Skip quiz questions:
Press [Ctrl] + X or [Alt] + X (early game versions) or
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + X (newer versions) at the first question.

View version number:
Press [Alt] + V.

Debug mode:
Press [Alt] + D during game play. Press [Enter] at the windows
that appear, then enter one of the following debug commands at
the prompt. Alternatively, enter 0724 when prompted for a
phone number at the start of the game. Then, type help me
during game play to display the debug screen.

Effect Debug command
All items - gimmie gimmie
View inventory item - object <item number>
Display coordinates and
room number room - number
Display flag status - show flag or view flag
Display memory allocation - [Alt] + M
Display variable value - show var <variable name> or sv
<variable name>
Get item - get item <item number>
Find item - <item number> room
Reset flag - reset flag
Set flag - set flag or sf
Set variable - change var <variable name> or set var
<variable name>
Show boundaries - priority or [Alt] + V
Item information - sp or [Alt] + I
Teleport to new room - tp <room number>

Nude mode:
First, beat the game. Then buy "Everybody Naked!" at the bar.
This secret costs 269 secret tokens and can be turned on in the
bonus options of the Extras section.

If you enter the large gold doors on Nice Street and then go to the
right of the doors you will find a man with a mohawk.
This man sells the following naughty art:
Naughty 1
Bonus Art 2
Loading Screen 2

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